How to Buy Wines Online and Game the System​​
Kicking off the 2017 Fall Season

September sales are on! And one online wine seller that is standing out for both great prices and selection is www.invino.com

Here are my 5 top choices from invino, all 50% off suggested retail. Additional 10% discount may apply on case purchases.

Found at www.invino.com

2014 Lazy Creek Pinot Noir, Lazy Day, Anderson Valley, $19.99

2016 Pouilly-Fume Domaine Bonnard, $17.99

2015 Fulcrum Chardonnay, Durrell Vineyard, Sonoma  $26.99

2014 Les Temps des Valeurs Blanc, $9.99

2015  Terra Ventoux, Les Sablons, Ventoux $9.99

Lovers of Pinot Noir will find another 5-6 fine wines at good prices such as the 2013 Artesa Carneros ($29.99)  and the 2013 Calera Mt.Hrlan for $54.99. 

Top 12 White Wines to Celebrate Summer's End
Go with these zesty, refreshing, versatile Sauvignon Blancs
Under $20 at www.wine.com

2016 Santa Carolina Reserva, Leyda Valley, Chile $9.99
2016 Matetic EQ Coastal, Chile  $16.99
2016 Santa Rita Reserva, Casablanca, Chile $9.99
2016 Vina Leyda Sauvignon Blanc Leyda Valley $16.99
2015 Gissen NEw Zealand, Marlborough, $11.99
2014 Château La Verriere Blanc, Bordeaux $13.99
2016 Santa Rita, Reserva, Chile $9.99
2016 Dry Creek Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc, $16.99
2016 Villa Maria Private Bin Sauvignon Blanc $12.99
2015 Ferrari-Carano Fume Blanc,  $13.99
2016 Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, $14.99
2016 La Playa Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Colchagua, Chile $7.99
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We are seeking the best wines available at the best prices.  And you dont have to leave home or the office.

Whether you are new to wine or a long-time collector, whether you are on a modest budget or are among the one-percenters, this Guide offers lots of good stuff:

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Savvy Online Wine Shopping 101

Real Discounts or Bogus Prices?

Are Wine Clubs for you?

Trending Winery Direct

In the familiar digital world of coupons, member discounts and promo codes, we still need to ask ourselves: “How can online wine dealers knock 30%-70% off retail prices?

That’s a reasonable question to raise and it’s normal to be a little skeptical.

It is also normal to wonder if the wines fell off the back of the truck, were left sitting on the Houston docks in July, are total crap, or are truly a treasure trove discovered in a dark cellar.

Here are several reasonable explanations...                

Over the last three years I’ve been tracking many online wine clubs as part of my reporting on online wine retailers. As the direct to consumer clubs from wineries continue to grow, we are seeing an increase in independent clubs being offered by publications like the Wall Street Journal and airlines along with totally independent e-commerce businesses like the Wine of the Month Club, Vinesse, and Winc.

The Yelp-like reviews for these e-commerce only wine clubs are mixed and a few are downright hostile. 

Wine country tourism is skyrocketing, so it is normal that many wine lovers join wine clubs after visiting the wine country. They join because they like the special events, the related personal attention and the wines.

All good.
Well, not always good for too long.

Being tied down to that one club and finding out the wines aren’t that great, or just needing to move on and explore other wineries...these are all good reasons to bail on the membership.

I could have added wines are too expensive, or too many people at the events, or your spouse is not happy, but that would get us off message.

Our message is simple: other winery club options exist. 

The most attractive one falls under the banner of “Friends & Family” with the emphasis on “friends.” Wine club deals are occasionally offered to non-members with no long-term commitment or need to cancel.

Yes, every so often, several top-notch wineries make certain wines available to non-members at a discount similar to members.  You get member privileges without the guilt.

Better yet, some wineries open the window offering special wines at discounted prices with free or one cent case shipping.

Which ones?                
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Point Scores: Helpful or Pointless?

About Us


Once upon a time in a kingdom far away, only Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate and The Wine Spectator dueled over which one could score the most wines 90 points or more. Then along came Stephen Tanzer, The Wine Enthusiast, Vinous and others to jump on the 100 point scoring system with a steady barrage of 90 point scores in their publications.  The result is total chaos.

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As I see it, this Guide is a cross between a website and a newsletter.

Given the fast-changing nature of the subject, it will be regularly revised and updated.

With wine, there is no such thing as a gifted palate or a natural born taster. 

There are no right or wrong answers about what to drink and when to drink a wine you like.

More expensive wines are not necessarily better than cheaper wines.

 Older wines are not better than young wines, and there never has been any system devised that can guarantee wine quality.