Remember Cinderella?  You know the glass slipper, some totally dorky guy with a foot fetish and some sisters who were not very nice. That leads us to the fact that the mega-site,, spun off this sister company, Cinderella Wine.

 It offers wines direct to subscribers processed thoughwww. So there’ some history and stability behind this website. Following if now for way over a year, I applaud the way Cinderella has gone through major changes over its first year, all for the better.

Now offering two wines a day, “Cindy” as they refer to this site, has zoomed in on wines that retail in the $35-$75 price range and then offers them at deep discounts with free shipping for a case. With wines priced at the high end, shipping is free for 4 or 6 bottles.

The wines selected are pitched as the “Best Price On The Web” that includes the best price available on,  So the sales prices are real, no slippery stuff here.

It sounds fascinating and so far the wines offered are eclectic.The primary sources are Spain, Italy, and Australia.  The Taltarni 2013 Estate Shiraz, one of the best from Australia, was appealing priced at $11.88 (regularly $19.99) with free shipping for six. Some of the wines are unexciting pinot Grigio types, but most of the time you’ll see a cool wine like a MacPhail 2011 Sonoma Coast  Pinot Noir or a Carol Shelton Reserve Zin at 40% off. Or a Russian River Buehler Chardonnay for $12.99.

French wine lovers will not be disappointed. Recently, it offered a 2010 Chateauneuf du Pape La Tour du Lion for $29.99, or 40% below retail.  Another classy French offered was the Chateau Guiraud 'le G De Guiraud' Bordeaux Blanc 2014 for $15 which like the 2011 Mercurey Blanc offered strike me as real finds.

The first daily offer is emailed every night at 10:00. This is a flash sale in the sense that the sale ends when the allotment is sold out.  So you have to be ready to act at the latest ping. These folks have begun offering a wine on a pre-arrival basis, usually a short 7-10 days before they ship. Given their reputation, that does not seem risky.

And once a week, Cindy alerts subscribers to a special deal from, with free shipping on a case.  

Most of the time, these are good wines for under $20 a bottle.

Pros: Excellent selection of wines not listed on many other sites
Good discounts on the cinderella deals of the day.
And free shipping often for 2 bottles of high-end vino.
Useful reference to web prices based on

Cons: The reference to the site as “Cindy” seems quasi-kinky