Background: In November, 2016, Good Company Wines, Inc.parent to several online wine retail sites ( invino.com, inclub, cellar thief, glassful and bubblesclub.com) acquired the retail business of Wine Tasting Network, a Napa, CA-based e-commerce retailer from The Synesthesia Group (TSG).  

So, invino’s founders were heavily into online sales and wine clubs before this major acquisition. And what they bought comes with a rich history and many members.

Wine Tasting Network is one of the oldest e-commerce companies in the online wine space; founded in 1991 as a wine catalogue business.  Formerly a subsidiary of 1-800-FLOWERS, the division was acquired by TSG in 2014. TSG repositioned WTN and its family of brands segmenting the winery business and the retail business.

They claim WTN has hundreds of thousands of active members.  That sounds like a Trump-ism to me.

The WTN properties acquired include Winetasting.com, Ambrosia.com and NapaConnection.com. These I assume included a substantial bottle inventory.

Co-founders, Tony and Danielle Westfall started invino.com in 2010 and are based in Sonoma. You can enroll as a member for daily offers or join one of their clubs with scheduled shipments of wines they select. They do guarantee “the best prices online.”

I’ll overlook the use of the silly word “bespoke” in their description on running “The first ever bespoke wine club.”

Among many interesting small wineries listed, the following are ones that are worth checking out: Amphora, Sextant, Testarossa, Gregory Graham, Consillience and Talisman.

Among imports, some of the 2014 Bordeaux are attractively priced. The Spanish selection is very good.

Also, the “Sub $20 Club” has severalgood values.

My suggestions: For best values, use the sort by price and sort by savings tabs.

Or, if you have a winery in mind, use the A-Z tab.
Also, for special wines, click on “Cellar Collections.”