Flash Sales

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Type: Flash Sale
Focus: California & French wines
Shipping: Free for 4 bottles as a rule
Discounts: 30-70%

Pros: Price and selection
Cons: Wines are offered at different times of the day so you have to be on alert 

Rating: 41/2 stars
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Based upon the flash sale model, lastbottlewines is headquartered in Napa Valley and has been gaining momentum and clients since its humble beginning in 2011. Its Three partners (Cory Wagner, Stefan Blicker and Brent Pierce) are young-ish with good connections in the wine world.

Each normal day, one wine is offered, and the site gives you 3 prices: the current retail price, best web price of the day, and their buy it now price.

Discounts vary with each wine, but are usually deep.

 If you order too late, you get an empty wine case image with the not so subtle snooze you lose message. If you happen to buy the last bottle, they give you a $25 credit.

Early on, most of the wines were from California, but recently they have expanded their scope and are coming up with many wines from France and elsewhere.

Two finds in March were great deals for a Cotes du Rhone red and a White Bordeaux.

Sometimes a magnum or double magnum of wine pops up. A double magnum of Grgich Hill Cab was the star of a Leap Year mini-marathon. That was preceded by an excellent Bordeaux from the Fronsac appellation and an exciting 2016Spanish red from Elias Mora.

Earlier, Zinfandel lovers pounced upon an offering of Elyse, Napa Valley, Morisoli Vineyard for $16.00. The site also recently featured a  2015 Luna Merlot for $13, a super Russian River Syrah, the 2011 Martinelli for $22, and a rare 1989 Suduiraut Sauternes for $56.

Suffice it to say, you never know what is coming next from these guys and, well, that makes you wait for the next offering, doesn't it?

Last Bottle makes no effort to disguise its appeal to an audience that grew up  on social media.  

The comments are obviously aimed at millennials with an overuse of CAPS, preponderance of buzz words from awesome, bang, boom, wow, and a killer Vintage or "Rockstar winemaker" along with more exclamation marks and 3 dots than your English teacher ever thought possible in one paragraph.

So many ROCKSTARS, so little time.

However, I like the fact that they don't rely too much on reviewers' point scores, reinforcing the feeling that they know what they are doing. Some people may not be comfortable without reviews from the pros or their peers. 

Dont be one of those people.

But you will still enjoy the sheer enthusiasm conveyed here and the fact that these folks enjoy what they are doing.

Nothing wrong with having fun while you make a buck, is there?

Seeming to enjoy surprises, lastbottlewines.com broke the daily pattern and offered 6 attractive wines on Black Friday.They also has fun with several Leap Day offerings on February 29th. And no surprise, there was an April Fool prank.

Last bottle shipped over 1 million bottles in 2016 or close to 300 cases a day. Local buyers in Napa and Sonoma enjoy free shipping, and that is as cool as the refrigerated delivery van they use.

My opinion: lastbottlewines.com  is a KILLER online wine seller. (BOOM! I nailed it!!!!)

Best Tip:  Look for Napa Cabs, other reds & Sonoma Pinots.

A Little More ...

About Flash sales...

Flash sales are a bit unnerving since they move along at their own pace until there's no wine left. 

My earliest encounter was with WTSO, "wines til sold out," and it offers anywhere between 4 to 10 wines a day.

Both WTSO and lastbottlewines also come up with marathon sales which can be crazier.

Another one we follow is cinderellawines.com which offers one wine per day.

Also in this category is wineaccess.com with its daily offerings. 

We provide reviews of all of these sites and are closely watching e-Bay to see how it handles the flash sale approach for wine.